NOW HIRING: We’re looking for lots of people to join us now in hourly paid roles across our logistics and manufacturing sites.

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At Morrisons, we work with data on a scale you can only imagine. But what’s just as exciting is the insight that data gives us. The trends that enable sustainable change. The patterns that help us deliver profitable growth. And that’s just the beginning.

Our data is generated from sales, orders, recipes, customers, suppliers, products and much more, and it drives the decisions that keep our business moving. Including which products to sell to our customers. And how to get those products from farm to fork as efficiently as possible.

Behind it all is our Data Science team, who make the most of our commitment to fresher tech to solve all kinds of business problems - often before they’re even a problem.

We’re using data to serve our customers better

Being part of the Data Science team means building algorithms that help our colleagues spot opportunities to serve our customers better. Or manage our relationships with suppliers more effectively. 

It’s about working closely with our Retail, Supply Chain, Logistics, Commercial, Finance and Manufacturing teams, creating initial Proof of Concept projects to investigate possible solutions, then collaborating with our Tech teams to scale the best ideas across our business.

The team also works closely with our Business Intelligence teams to build performance dashboards keep us up to date with our real time performance KPIs, too. And with many other departments to help improve data literacy across Morrisons so more of us can use advanced analytics techniques, and be more effective in our work.

We’re looking for curious minds and a love of data

Here, you’ll find experienced Data Analysts, Data Scientists and Project Managers. Plus people who are making the most of our support, training and development as they build new careers as Data Scientists, or transition from other analytical or operational roles.

But what everyone has in common are a curious mind and a passion for spotting patterns that not everyone can see. Add a love of data, a background in digital and technology, and experience of mathematical modelling or scientific research, and this is somewhere you’ll love to develop your tech career.

Slice of quiche

We’ve invested £20 million in a quiche line.


We’ve opened two environmentally friendly Distribution Centres in Sittingbourne and Bridgwater to help us reduce carbon emissions.


We source directly from UK farmers.

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NOW HIRING: We’re looking for lots of people to join us now in hourly paid roles across our logistics and manufacturing sites.

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