Our transport team makes thousands of deliveries to nearly 500 stores to provide the freshest of products to 11 million customers every week.

It’s not an easy challenge. But it’s one we love, as we plan, co-ordinate, organise, drive up and down the country and keep everything running smoothly from supplier to shelf. Working closely with our supply chain and warehousing teams, we keep moving 24/7 to keep our stores full of the products our customers want.

This is logistics on a big scale. We move faster. We go further. Are you ready for the challenge?

Using our fleet of over 650 tractor units and 1,750 trailers, we deliver more than 18 million cases a week. We collect all of our recyclable waste too. We may travel 115 million km a year, but you’d be hard pushed to find a greener logistics operation.

We keep our carbon footprint as small as possible by maximising fuel efficiency and using double-decker trailers to reduce the number of journeys. It helps the environment and enables us to deliver cost effective logistics solutions.


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Our property team of around 170 people is based at Head Office and across the UK.


We make 54,000 collections from our manufacturing sites a year.

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Every year we launch more than 2,500 new product lines for our customers.

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