Naturally, you’ll want the best for your son or daughter. We know, because many of us are parents too. Which is why we’ve created this section, so you can learn more about our careers and support your child as they make a big decision about their future.

At Morrisons we care for our colleagues and have a real family feel with everybody valuing and respecting each other. We also have lots of experience of helping young people settle into the world of work in a variety of roles. We hope your child decides to join the team and you’ll be reassured that they can look forward to a happy and rewarding future here.

Retail careers

Retail is a varied, exciting and fast-paced industry. And there’s much more to it than stacking shelves. Many of our leaders started on the shop floor as we offer our colleagues many opportunities to work their way to the top. At Morrisons all kinds of career routes can open up for your child from logistics and store management to people, marketing and technology.

Apprenticeships - in a nutshell

Here your child can earn a good wage and develop their skills and experience while receiving ongoing training and studying towards a nationally recognised qualification. As well as learning on-the-job as part of the team, they will spend at least 20% of their time training, usually on a day-release basis or block study at college or university (accommodation is provided).        

If your child currently lives in Wales or Scotland relocation will be required due to the funding rules of the Apprenticeship Levy.

Our schemes

Our structured programmes of 2, 3 or 4 years can involve university or professional qualifications funded by Morrisons.

Some of our schemes may require the flexibility to move to different locations. We are a fast-moving business and for the benefit of their development, we require them to have a flexible approach to relocation in the UK.


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We make 54,000 collections from our manufacturing sites a year.

Check Circle

We test 100s of products from our shelves each year to make sure they meet our specifications and are ‘what they say they are’.


Our Rathbones manufacturing site is one of the biggest bakeries in Europe.