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We act responsibly and listen hard to the issues that really matter to our customers, colleagues, communities and suppliers. Our diverse corporate responsibility programme helps us to take good care of the environment and make a positive contribution to society

Highlights - 2017/18

  • 34% reduction in operational carbon emissions
  • 1.8 billion calories removed from our own brand soft drinks
  • 100% British own-brand fresh beef, pork, chicken, lamb, milk and eggs
  • £9 million raised for farmers through our For Farmers range
  • 140,000 meals donated to FareShare
  • £10m donated to charities through Morrisons Foundation
  • In 2018, we announced a commitment that by 2025 all own brand plastic packaging will be recyclable, reusable or compostable
  • 27% of our leadership team are female.

Read our 2017/2018 report here

Healthy eating -

To help our customers make healthy choices, we’ve cut the prices of many fresh food items to make them more affordable. We’ve also removed confectionery from our checkouts, signed up to the Government’s salt reduction targets and taken out 1.8 billion calories from our own brand soft drinks.

Supplier partnerships - We’re passionate about supporting British farmers. We’ve a ‘Milk for Farmers’ brand. We raised £9 million for farmers through our For Farmers range. And we’ve 100% own-brand British beef, lamb, pork, chicken, milk and eggs. We’ve also launched a variety of initiatives to help our suppliers look after their workers and improve their performance, animal welfare and food quality and safety.

Responsible sourcing - We’re committed to buying our products from environmentally and socially responsible suppliers.

Reducing waste - We’re well on our way to achieving zero store waste through a range of initiatives. We’ve also introduced 20 types of ‘Wonky Veg’ and redesigned our loose bags on Market Street to save 53 tonnes of packaging.

Changing our use of plastic - We’re committed to reducing unnecessary packaging, using recyclable or recycled material wherever possible, and working with suppliers on packaging innovation to ensure our packaging is only there to protect and preserve the product it contains. We’ve signed up to the UK Plastics PACT to ensure that by 2025, all of our own-brand plastic packaging will be recyclable, reusable or compostable. And we’ve removed single-use carrier bags, plastic straws and plastic stem cotton buds.

Carbon emissions - We’ve exceeded our target and reduced operational carbon emissions by 34% since 2005.

Global Ghost Gear Initiative - We’re supporting members of this initiative that helps to address the issue of lost fishing gear that causes animal entanglement. 

Unsold food programme - Since 2016, we’ve donated 3.4 million unsold, safe to eat food items to community groups. While our manufacturing sites and distribution centres redistribute surplus edible food, including donating 140,000 meals to FareShare in 2017.

Together for Short Lives

Monday 14th February, marked the start of our official partnership with Together for Short Lives and over the next three years we hope to raise £10 million to support thousands of seriously ill children and their families across the UK.

Caring round the clock for a child with serious health needs can be exhausting and at times families can feel pushed to their limits. Many rely on lifeline support from their local children’s hospice but sadly even they’re struggling to raise the funds needed.

Together for Short Lives want every child, and their families, to treasure their final moments together and we’re so incredibly proud to help support such an important cause.

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You can find out more about our charity partnerships and the Morrisons Foundation here.

Quieter hour - We were the first supermarket to introduce a Quieter Hour across all stores between 9am and 10am every Saturday morning. This creates a quieter and calmer environment to help customers with additional sensory needs, such as those with autism. We dim lights, turn our music off, avoid announcements and limit the movement of stock around the shop floor.

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When the sun shines our sales of stone fruit can increase by 25% overnight.


We pack 154,000 tonnes of potatoes every year.


Our two sites in Grimsby produce around 13,000 tonnes of product per year.

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We're Hiring! Our Manufacturing and Logistics sites have lots of opportunities with various shifts, full time or part time, permanent and temporary!

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