Jack's story

“I thought a degree apprenticeship was a fantastic opportunity to work my way up through the business while earning money and getting my degree paid for.”

“I always wanted to go to uni, but I couldn’t afford it and didn’t want to have all the debt. I was a manager at a call centre when I heard about this scheme.  

I think it’s brilliant. I’ve worked across different departments from people and technical to production and warehouse. I’ve been a team manager in store and run a warehouse. I’ve loved every minute of it. Every placement is different and interesting.

I’ve been stretched but massively supported. One of the directors is my mentor. He rings me up and gives me coaching. We also get study leave to go to uni and complete our assignments. My role as a team manager in manufacturing is exciting and fascinating. There’s a real sense of togetherness and achievement when we get the job done together. I think the people here are fantastic and the opportunities are brilliant. The sky’s the limit!”


Together our state-of-the-art Regional Distribution Centres cover over 6 million sq ft.


Every day our 43 production lines make 1,500 tonnes of product.


Bananas are our top selling fruit by volume and value.

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