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We’re a friendly bunch of people who enjoy working as one team to deliver great products and services to our customers. Our colleagues ‘Make Morrisons’. But what’s it really like to work, learn and progress here? Find out from some of our fantastic colleagues.

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  • Sam

    Finance Graduate

    Sam thought that a career in Finance at Morrisons meant being sat at his desk most of the time. In reality, his role couldn’t be further apart from what he thought.

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  • Rob

    Corporate Degree Apprentice

    Rob has felt fully supported throughout his time on the Corporate Degree Apprenticeship. There's loads of opportunity to develop your skills and plan your career within the business. 

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  • Hafsa

    Retail Degree Apprentice

    Hafsa has had an amazing experience on the Retail Degree Apprenticeship. Helping the local community during the Covid-19 crisis has really brought home the importance of Morrisons stores within local communities. 

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  • Maitham

    Retail Degree Apprentice

    Maitham is looking to use the knowledge gained from the Retail Degree Apprenticeship scheme to progress into a people management role within the business. 

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  • Alice

    Buying Graduate

    As part of the Buying Graduate scheme Alice has worked in placements across our Trading function - currently working as the Buyer for Lamb.

    As part of the Covid-19 pandemic, Alice was redployed to really play her part in Feeding the Nation.

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  • Lorna

    Logistics Degree Apprentice

    As part of the Logistics Degree Apprentice Lorna has been able to get see the breadth of opportunities available at Morrisons. 

    One of her proudest moments has been being promoted early as reward for her great work during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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  • Jack

    Manufacturing Degree Apprentice

    Jack's worked across all sorts of departments at Morrisons throughout his Manufacturing Degree Apprenticeship. 

    And he's loved every minute of it! Every placement has been different and interesting.

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  • Ammaar

    Tech & Digital Graduate

    Ammaar's been given the license to really get to grips with the digital side of the business at Morrisons. 

    There's also regular development sessions which really provide the support he's needed.

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  • Lois

    Retail Graduate

    Lois first heard about the Retail Graduate scheme when joining one of our stores as a colleague and reading up about the great development opportunities. 

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  • Atenea

    People Graduate

    "I joined Morrisons for the variety they offer across the business from retail and head office to manufacturing and logistics."

    "The training is amazing here. There’s lots of variety and many opportunities to try new things and learn from different people. Morrisons invests in its graduates and makes sure we enjoy diverse experiences. I’ve been challenged and stretched for the first time. But you also have a really good support network. The support from my mentor and buddy has been brilliant!

    If you’re thinking of joining an early careers scheme here, get ready to enjoy lots of variety, new challenges and exposure to different situations, people and experiences. Be sure to learn from every single one of them and get the most out of every opportunity.”

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  • Sophie

    Corporate Graduate

    "I was excited by the chance to rotate around so many different areas of the business. Which I’ll probably never get the chance to do again.”

    “When I graduated in business management from Leeds Beckett University I wanted to join a graduate programme that offered lots of variety. I didn’t fully know what I wanted to do. But I did want to experience different business areas. So, I joined the corporate scheme here which has given me a really good grounding and helped me learn all about Morrisons.

    You’re encouraged to go out to sites and see things. It’s really interesting. The best thing about the scheme is the variety, responsibility and many different options open to us. 

    You also get lots of support. My mentor is the wholesale director. I also have a buddy in my team and a graduate buddy who is in the second year of the graduate scheme. Graduates are so valued here. We get exposure to senior people in our business and they really enjoy having us around and want us to get involved.”

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  • Will

    Corporate Degree Apprentice

    “The degree apprenticeship is a really good scheme. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

    “I’m on the corporate scheme that lasts for three years. I’m on my first year-long placement and I’m also studying a business and management degree at university.

    I know a lot of people who have joined early careers schemes here and gone on to do really well. It’s hard work, studying when you get home from your job. But my studies are easier as everything is related to what we do at Morrisons. My mentors really help me and, there’s always someone in the building who can give me help and advice.

    Wherever I’ve worked here, I’ve helped to grow our business and give our customers something that they don’t get anywhere else. I’ve worked on everything from car parking spaces to developing a brand new range of smoothies. There are lots of opportunities here. But at the moment, I’m drawn towards trading.”

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  • Sophie

    Corporate Graduate

    “There’s a really good team spirit across our stores, sites and warehouses. It’s mind blowing to think of the scale of what we’re dealing with.”

    “When I was at university I did a year-long industrial placement at Morrisons, and I really enjoyed it. I loved the people, culture and ways of working. Although I realised supply chain wasn’t for me, I knew I wanted to come back. So, I joined the corporate graduate scheme.

    It’s a lot more relaxed and friendly than I expected. You get to talk to senior leaders, day in, day out. There are lots of opportunities to grow and you get to see a broad spectrum of business areas, as you move around different placements. Graduates here are seen as future leaders.

    The scheme is fun and challenging. My advice is to get stuck in, grow your network and throw yourself at everything. I’m going into a buying role which is really exciting. And I can see myself growing my career here in the long term. “

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  • Annabel

    Finance Apprentice

    “I never wanted to go to university. I always wanted to do an apprenticeship and start earning money and going up the career ladder.”

    “I’m a finance apprentice training to be an assistant accountant. I enjoyed GCSE maths and knew I’d enjoy doing something with numbers. But I didn’t know anything about accounting before I joined.  When I came for my interview I really liked it. I thought I need to go here.

    When I joined, I didn’t think I’d be doing the work and have the responsibilities I have. My manager trusts me to do things and is very helpful. She mentors me and whenever I’m stuck on anything or want her to check something, she’ll come over and help me.

    I’m also studying a CIMA qualification and have study days at college to help me with my exams. I want to carry on with my studies after the scheme and become a fully qualified accountant. I like working for Morrisons and getting involved in the charity work.”

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  • Joe

    Trading Graduate

    “From the minute you join, you’re given loads of responsibility which allows you to develop really fast.”

    “A massive foodie I wanted to go into the food industry after studying nutrition at university. I’d heard good things about Morrisons as they are really going places. So, it was a great time to join their graduate scheme.

    Morrisons is a very fast-paced environment where no two days are the same. You get to spend time at a variety of sites to get to know how everything works and experience different areas of retail. As a trading graduate, I spent my first placement buying everything from olives to pickled eggs. I even got to go to Spain to see how our suppliers grow, process and pack our olives.

    I’m now enjoying a new challenge, helping to source and buy exotic fruits. There’s lots of variety here and you can progress quickly. You’re constantly being challenged to achieve the next goal while everybody is so open and supportive.”

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  • Tom

    Retail Degree Apprentice

    “I’m able to work, earn and get my degree at the same time without being stuck with student debt.”

    “I worked in a coffee shop while waiting to study music at university. And I found I really enjoyed working in retail and serving customers in a fast-paced environment. Morrisons is a great company to work for. So, I applied for the degree apprenticeship retail scheme.

    I spent the first six months working in every team in one of our stores. I got hands-on experience and learned what makes the store tick. I’m also studying a professional practice in management degree. Six times a year I spend a week studying at university with colleagues on the same 3-year scheme. The accommodation is paid for and you also get a food allowance.

    I’m proud to work for Morrisons. I’m supported and mentored by my store manager. And this is an exciting time of change. Morrisons is a company that’s really going places.”

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  • Charlotte

    Manufacturing Graduate

    “The graduate scheme is even better than I thought it would be. Morrisons care about you as a person and what you excel in. They recognise and build on your strengths.”

    “I studied nutrition at university and wanted to work in a fast-paced environment. So, the world of food manufacturing and retail was perfect for me. Morrisons is the only supermarket I applied to join because I liked their values and thought I’d be a good fit.

    I joined their manufacturing graduate scheme and learned all about manufacturing and the business at their biggest production site. It’s massive. I learned how the site works from planning, production and planning to quality, people and new product development. I’ve worked on a lot of projects and got exposure to directors straightaway. My manager is my mentor and now also one of my best friends.

    I also enjoy our personal development days. A few times a year all the manufacturing and logistics graduates get together for a couple of days to learn, share experiences and grow our skills.”

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  • Elliot

    Logistics Graduate

    “At Morrisons you can lead your own development. There’s lots of training, development and opportunities available.”

    “As a graduate in the logistics team, I’ve enjoyed lots of variety. I’ve worked at four sites in four different cities. My first placement was at our warehouse in Stockton near Newcastle. Here, I found myself in a management role within eight weeks!

    I also really enjoyed working with lots of other graduates at Flowerworld in Derby. I ran a production line during their peak periods of Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. It was really busy and a unique experience that helped me to grow. I’ve been given lots of responsibility right from the start. While everyone has been so welcoming, and supportive which helps you to learn quickly.

    The environment isn’t corporate like I was expecting. It’s very practical and hands-on. I feel valued and enjoy lots of training and opportunities. I really enjoy coming to work, taking on new challenges and making the most of the opportunities to learn.”

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  • Michael

    Engineering Apprentice

    “I like the challenge, learning new things and trying to better myself while creating a career and brighter future.”

    “My dad recommended Morrisons to me. He’s worked here for nearly 20 years. I worked on our manufacturing production lines for three years before my manager encouraged me to join this 4-year apprenticeship scheme.

    I’d always been interested in engineering at school and college. Now I’m proud to be a multi-skilled maintenance engineer. I’ve really enjoyed the variety of experiences and learning lots of things from pneumatics to electrical and mechanical engineering. As well as working full time, I also study at college on a block-release basis. I spent 18 weeks at college during my first year.

    I like working at Morrisons. It’s a friendly company that’s moving forward. There’s lots of variety and I like meeting new people. In engineering, we all work together and do our best to produce quality food for our customers.”

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  • Richard

    Manufacturing Degree Apprentice

    “My expectations of Morrisons were blown away. I knew them as a supermarket, but not as a manufacturer or for logistics.”

    “I joined the manufacturing degree apprenticeship around a year ago and I’m also a team manager at Flowerworld in Derby. I love getting paid to manage people and study a degree.

    Morrisons are very supportive. For example, I’m going on a placement in our HR team to coincide with my HR module at uni. While my line manager, mentor and buddy help me with my personal development. They really care about my development. It’s nice to feel wanted and invested in.

    I’ve already recommended this scheme to my friends. It’s ideal, if like me, you don’t know what you want to do. You pretty much get exposure to every department you’d ever dream of. The opportunities are massive. There are so many open doors and avenues you can go down. The opportunities are here if you’ve the drive to make the most of them.”

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  • Emily

    Retail Degree Apprentice

    "I worked in my local Morrisons café whilst studying for my A Levels, that’s where I saw a poster for the Retail Degree Apprentice scheme. I spoke to my people manager about applying, and they supported me. As I was already a Morrisons employee I was fast tracked straight to the assessment centre. I secured a place on the retail degree apprenticeship and the rest is history."

    "Since starting, I’ve really loved the people I’ve worked with, and I love working in store as every day is exciting, it’s great meeting new people and different customers. The Morrisons team really pushes you to build new skills and develop professionally. I think it’s the best of both worlds, you don’t have any student debt and you get valuable work experience that you can use for the rest of your career. Not many graduates can say they have that.

    When I finish the scheme I’m hoping to be a senior manager. After that there will be opportunities to progress to store manager or work at head office. The sky’s the limit."

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  • Liam

    Logistics Graduate

    "I’ve worked at Morrisons for almost 2 years. I did my placement year here and continued working part-time while studying, and that’s how I discovered the Logistics Graduate scheme. I saw other graduates moving through their placement and now I’m preparing to start the scheme in September."

    "I wanted to continue working at Morrisons because of the development opportunities available, and they allow you to develop at your own pace.

    What I’m most looking forward to is having the chance to work across the different Morrisons logistics sites. It will be interesting to see how things are done differently at each one, and what I can learn from that.

    Hopefully, after finishing the scheme I will be in a position to work towards a senior role, and in the future Head of Logistics – who knows."

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NOW HIRING: We’re looking for lots of people to join us now in hourly paid roles across our logistics and manufacturing sites.

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