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We’re a friendly bunch of people who enjoy working as one team to deliver great products and services to our customers. Our colleagues ‘Make Morrisons’. But what’s it really like to work, learn and progress here? Find out from some of our fantastic colleagues.

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  • Sunil

    Finance Graduate

    “You get to go into so many different areas of finance at Morrisons.

    The Finance scheme consists of three different placements over three years, changing every September, and while I do that I’m also studying to become a Management Accountant. 

    I love that we’re so present in local communities, especially with the pandemic. I think some of the great stuff we’ve done, like having quiet hours in-store for people who need it, is really special. It's things like that and the fact we give a lot back to the community that really make a difference. It’s a business orientated around helping and supporting all of the stakeholders.”

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  • Jake

    Data Science Graduate

    “My favourite thing is that we have the opportunity to learn and make mistakes.

    I like that nothing huge is expected of you initially, but I’ve also been trusted with important work right from the off. I've had constant development discussions throughout the scheme, which have really helped me get clear idea of where I am and where I'm wanting to go.

    We use data science to provide insight for the wider business. I found out about it through the Generations programme, because I have a family member who worked at Morrisons already.

    I’ve made a lot of friends on the scheme, and my colleagues have really nurtured me towards becoming a Data Scientist.”

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  • Bertie

    Buying Graduate

    “I’ve worked at Morrisons since I was 15. I used to work in-store. I’ve always loved working here, so once I finished uni, staying seemed like the best option. I went through the process internally, and here I am.

    My favourite thing about the scheme is being trusted to make your own decisions and having control over your category. You’re given a lot of support as a graduate, and it’s made very clear that you have room to make mistakes.

    You get support from line managers, from mentors, from everyone around the company. They all know how important graduates are, and you can see that in the amount of graduates who choose to stay on and move into more senior positions.”

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  • Madiya

    Retail Degree Apprentice

    “The team are amazing. They really look after me, and they feel like a family.

    I’m on a Retail Degree Apprenticeship scheme, which means I’m working and studying at the same time. My favourite thing about the scheme is being able to network with other people, enhance the skills that I've already got, and be able to build on my own confidence and my own experience.

    The support is really great – I get study days in order to be able to work on my university assignments. I've also been given a buddy and a mentor who I'm able to talk to on a one-to-one basis. I can call them and schedule in catch-ups so we can go over anything that I'm unsure about.”

    I’m on a Retail Degree Apprenticeship scheme, which means I’m working and studying at the same time. My favourite thing about the scheme is being able to network with other people, enhance the skills that I've already got, and be able to build on my own confidence and my own experience.

    The support is really great – I get study days in order to be able to work on my university assignments. I've also been given a buddy and a mentor who I'm able to talk to on a one-to-one basis. I can call them and schedule in catch-ups so we can go over anything that I'm unsure about.”

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  • Tanya

    Technology Graduate

    “On my scheme, no two days are the same.

    My favourite thing is the amount of support and access we have to go down different avenues within tech, and to be able to push ourselves. We get to see all different elements of the business and how they operate together to become the whole function. It’s really enlightening and has given my the opportunity to try things I never thought I would be able to.

    My future goals within Morrisons are to grow and develop and see where my talents and my skills take me, as well as how I'm able to help the business grow.  I'm really eager to see where it takes me.”

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  • Emily

    Corporate Degree Apprentice

    “My favourite thing about the scheme so far is how much responsibility I’ve been given at such a young age.

    I like how everyone has time for you. Even people who are really senior, like the Directors, never say “no” to helping you out. They want the best for you, and they do see you as the future of Morrisons.

    I've absolutely loved working in the Early Careers team. Everyone’s so friendly and I really look forward to coming to work. We work on lots of different projects, and every day there's something different happening – I’m always learning new things.”

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  • Bea

    People Graduate

    “I love my team so much. They’re great managers, really supportive, really encouraging, and they allow me to be creative, too.

    I'm in the Resourcing team currently. I do inside mapping and also help with the social media aspect of processing.

    My proudest moment so far has been helping with a project in manufacturing logistics during Christmas, helping with hourly paid recruitment. In the future, I’d love to be a People Specialist or a People Manager in store."

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  • Alice

    Supply Chain Graduate

    “I'm supporting the Supply Chain Director, Paul Moriarty, in the new development programme. He mentors me pretty much every day – I think that getting this exposure early on has been incredibly valuable for my development and my progression.

    I've worked in a few different teams since starting here and everyone's been really lovely and welcoming. I think that Morrisons is very people-focused – it’s all about trying to get the teams in a good place, so we do lots of Saturday team days and stuff like that.

    I'm really proud of how far I've come in a year and how much work I do that actually makes a difference. It’s just good to see where I came from and where I am now.”

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  • Eve

    Engineering Apprentice

    “Coming into an engineering department, I’ve been really well supported.

    I’m based at Farmers Boy, Greenside in Bradford, but I also study at a college in Birmingham. That’s been my favourite part about the apprenticeship, because I’ve been able to experience living from home as well as working on site and doing practical activities. 

    I came straight from school, so coming into a work environment like this, is quite a big change. I’m really proud of how well I’ve settled in.”

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  • Ollie

    Finance Apprentice

    “The support network at Morrisons is really good; it’s nice to have people with more experience there for you.

    And that’s probably my favourite thing about working here – you get to work with some more senior members of the team. I also have an apprentice buddy who’s a year above me on the same course, so I can ask them any questions I have.

    I was really proud to have the opportunity to take over the cash book. That’s normally a graduate role, but I've done that as an apprentice, and that impacts a lot of different finance teams and stakeholders.”

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  • Katie

    Retail Graduate

    “Morrisons really give graduates a platform to progress at speed.

    I love that I’ve been given a lot of responsibility so early on, and there’s a brilliant sense of teamwork and camaraderie within my team. We’re all here for the same purpose, and I feel like everyone is working towards a common goal.

    My proudest moment so far on the scheme has been when I was managing the fruit and vegetable department over Christmas. I was the top shop in the country for the Plant of the Week sales.

    At the end of my scheme, I'll be given the opportunity to go through a Development Centre to become a Store Manager.”

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  • Lewis

    Corporate Graduate

    “The best thing about Morrisons is how supportive they are.

    You get really good exposure across the business and they're really, really supportive of all their graduates. And that support is not just making sure that you're doing well at your job, but also giving you the skills you need to be able to network, take on additional projects, and other things like that. They stretch you as much as possible, and make your development a priority.

    I worked in online home delivery and click and collect for 12 months. This was at the very, very start of the pandemic in April 2020, when we only had 34 store pick sites. Over the course of a few months, we rolled out and got to 447 store pick sites, which basically meant we could feed hundreds – thousands! – more people across the UK. I was so proud to be part of that.”

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  • Rob

    Corporate Degree Apprentice

    Rob has felt fully supported throughout his time on the Corporate Degree Apprenticeship. There's loads of opportunity to develop your skills and plan your career within the business. 

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  • Maitham

    Retail Degree Apprentice

    Maitham is looking to use the knowledge gained from the Retail Degree Apprenticeship scheme to progress into a people management role within the business.

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  • Alice

    Buying Graduate

    As part of the Buying Graduate scheme Alice has worked in placements across our Trading function - currently working as the Buyer for Lamb.

    As part of the Covid-19 pandemic, Alice was redployed to really play her part in Feeding the Nation.

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  • Lorna

    Logistics Degree Apprentice

    As part of the Logistics Degree Apprentice Lorna has been able to get see the breadth of opportunities available at Morrisons. 

    One of her proudest moments has been being promoted early as reward for her great work during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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  • Jack

    Manufacturing Degree Apprentice

    Jack's worked across all sorts of departments at Morrisons throughout his Manufacturing Degree Apprenticeship. 

    And he's loved every minute of it! Every placement has been different and interesting.

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  • Ammaar

    Tech & Digital Graduate

    Ammaar's been given the license to really get to grips with the digital side of the business at Morrisons. 

    There's also regular development sessions which really provide the support he's needed.

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  • Atenea

    People Graduate

    "I joined Morrisons for the variety they offer across the business from retail and head office to manufacturing and logistics.

    The training is amazing here. There’s lots of variety and many opportunities to try new things and learn from different people. Morrisons invests in its graduates and makes sure we enjoy diverse experiences. I’ve been challenged and stretched for the first time. But you also have a really good support network. The support from my mentor and buddy has been brilliant!

    If you’re thinking of joining an early careers scheme here, get ready to enjoy lots of variety, new challenges and exposure to different situations, people and experiences. Be sure to learn from every single one of them and get the most out of every opportunity.”

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  • Tom

    Retail Degree Apprentice

    “I’m able to work, earn and get my degree at the same time without being stuck with student debt.

    I worked in a coffee shop while waiting to study music at university. And I found I really enjoyed working in retail and serving customers in a fast-paced environment. Morrisons is a great company to work for. So, I applied for the degree apprenticeship retail scheme.

    I spent the first six months working in every team in one of our stores. I got hands-on experience and learned what makes the store tick. I’m also studying a professional practice in management degree. Six times a year I spend a week studying at university with colleagues on the same 3-year scheme. The accommodation is paid for and you also get a food allowance.

    I’m proud to work for Morrisons. I’m supported and mentored by my store manager. And this is an exciting time of change. Morrisons is a company that’s really going places.”

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  • Charlotte

    Manufacturing Graduate

    “The graduate scheme is even better than I thought it would be. Morrisons care about you as a person and what you excel in. They recognise and build on your strengths.

    I studied nutrition at university and wanted to work in a fast-paced environment. So, the world of food manufacturing and retail was perfect for me. Morrisons is the only supermarket I applied to join because I liked their values and thought I’d be a good fit.

    I joined their manufacturing graduate scheme and learned all about manufacturing and the business at their biggest production site. It’s massive. I learned how the site works from planning, production and planning to quality, people and new product development. I’ve worked on a lot of projects and got exposure to directors straightaway. My manager is my mentor and now also one of my best friends.

    I also enjoy our personal development days. A few times a year all the manufacturing and logistics graduates get together for a couple of days to learn, share experiences and grow our skills.”

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  • Richard

    Manufacturing Degree Apprentice

    “My expectations of Morrisons were blown away. I knew them as a supermarket, but not as a manufacturer or for logistics.

    I joined the manufacturing degree apprenticeship around a year ago and I’m also a team manager at Flowerworld in Derby. I love getting paid to manage people and study a degree.

    Morrisons are very supportive. For example, I’m going on a placement in our HR team to coincide with my HR module at uni. While my line manager, mentor and buddy help me with my personal development. They really care about my development. It’s nice to feel wanted and invested in.

    I’ve already recommended this scheme to my friends. It’s ideal, if like me, you don’t know what you want to do. You pretty much get exposure to every department you’d ever dream of. The opportunities are massive. There are so many open doors and avenues you can go down. The opportunities are here if you’ve the drive to make the most of them.”

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  • Liam

    Logistics Graduate

    "I’ve worked at Morrisons for almost 2 years. I did my placement year here and continued working part-time while studying, and that’s how I discovered the Logistics Graduate scheme. I saw other graduates moving through their placement and now I’m preparing to start the scheme in September.

    I wanted to continue working at Morrisons because of the development opportunities available, and they allow you to develop at your own pace.

    What I’m most looking forward to is having the chance to work across the different Morrisons logistics sites. It will be interesting to see how things are done differently at each one, and what I can learn from that.

    Hopefully, after finishing the scheme I will be in a position to work towards a senior role, and in the future Head of Logistics – who knows."

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  • Emily

    Corporate Degree Apprentice

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