TEMPORARY WORK: Join us in an hourly paid temp role across our logistics and manufacturing sites, and help us provide food for the nation during these difficult times.

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We’re a friendly bunch of people who enjoy working as one team to deliver great products and services to our customers. Our colleagues ‘Make Morrisons’. But what’s it really like to work, learn and progress here? Find out from some of our fantastic colleagues.

Anmol, Tech grad sat with laptop in Head Office

Anmol's story

“You experience what the tech team does across the business, not just at Head Office.” ... Read more

Atenea, HR graduate

Atenea's story

“Morrisons really value graduates. They see us as future managers, and people want us in their teams.” ... Read more

Sophie, Graduate standing in Head Office

Sophie's story

“I was excited by the chance to rotate around so many different areas of the business. Which I’ll probably never get the chance to do again.” ... Read more

Will, Corporate Degree apprentice

Will's story

“The degree apprenticeship is a really good scheme. I can’t recommend it highly enough.” ... Read more

Sophie Ingram

Sophie's story

“There’s a really good team spirit across our stores, sites and warehouses. It’s mind blowing to think of the scale of what we’re dealing with.” ... Read more

Annabel, Finance degree apprentice

Annabel's story

“I never wanted to go to university. I always wanted to do an apprenticeship and start earning money and going up the career ladder.” ... Read more

Joe, Trading Graduate stood in Head Office

Joe's story

“From the minute you join, you’re given loads of responsibility which allows you to develop quickly” ... Read more

Tom Hepworth

Tom's story

“I’m able to work, earn and get my degree at the same time without being stuck with student debt.” ... Read more

Charlotte, Manufacturing graduate

Charlotte's story

“The graduate scheme is even better than I thought it would be. Morrisons care about you as a person and what you excel in. They recognise and build on your strengths.” ... Read more

Jack Turner

Jack's story

“I thought a degree apprenticeship was a fantastic opportunity to work my way up through the business while earning money and getting my degree paid for.” ... Read more

Elliott, Logistics graduate standing next to Morrisons delivery van

Elliot's story

“At Morrisons you can lead your own development. There’s lots of training, development and opportunities available.” ... Read more

Lorna Pearson v3

Lorna's story

“I’m really enjoying what I’m doing and want to stay at Morrisons. The business is growing rapidly and has so many different areas - logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, retail and head office.” ... Read more

Michael Davidson

Michael's story

“I like the challenge, learning new things and trying to better myself while creating a career and brighter future.” ... Read more

Richard Wilson

Richard's story

“My expectations of Morrisons were blown away. I knew them as a supermarket, but not as a manufacturer or for logistics.” ... Read more

Sam, Finance graduate stood in Head office

Sam's story

“I thought in finance I’d be sat at my desk most of the time. My role couldn’t be further apart from what I thought it was going to be.” ... Read more

Charlotte, a Nutmeg colleague in a store clothing section

Charlotte's story

“I love being a buyer at Nutmeg. It’s a growing fashion brand that offers lots of opportunities.” ... Read more

Liam, Logistics Grad stood within warehouse

Liam's story

"I wanted to continue working at Morrisons because of the development opportunities available, and they allow you to develop at your own pace." ... Read more


Emily's story

"I love working in store as every day is exciting, it’s great meeting new people and different customers." ... Read more


We enable our colleagues to donate to charities tax free through payroll.


We make 54,000 collections from our manufacturing sites a year.


Our Head Office Retail team of around 30 people supports 492 stores

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TEMPORARY WORK: Join us in an hourly paid temp role across our logistics and manufacturing sites, and help us provide food for the nation during these difficult times.

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